Small man hangs on to long nose hair.Next

Geeez! Somebody needs a trimmer! Back in the good ole days we used matches and just singed 'em off.

The Month of May 2012

May 3rd 2012, Small man hangs on to long nose hair.
May 4th 2012, Clumsy overweight man drops ice-cream cone.
May 7th 2012, Small man gets drunk on top of bald man's head.
May 8th 2012, Part horse, part man creature with huge buck teeth.
May 9th 2012, Elephant drinks martinis and crushed clown.
May 10th 2012, Large man with loose fly, holds a lolly and his teddybear.
MAY 10
May 11th 2012, Brave drunk rat jumps on the back of cat!
MAY 11
May 14th 2012, Woman high dives into a cup of yogurt.
MAY 14
May 15th 2012, Sheriff loses duel to a turtle.
MAY 15
May 16th 2012, Small woman yells into man's ear.
MAY 16
May 17th 2012, Man gets rejected by bicycle.
MAY 17
May 18th 2012, Man shoots at attacking mouse.
MAY 18
May 21st 2012, Talking booger dances on fingertip.
MAY 21
May 22nd 2012, Bird looks down on woman eating roasted chicken.
MAY 22
May 23rd 2012, Man holding sign waits patiently for bug to finish reading.
MAY 23
May 24th 2012, Man is attacked by a group of dogs.
MAY 24
May 25th 2012, Wrestler crushes smaller competitor in arms.
MAY 25
May 29th 2012, Fish holding bat confronts worm on hook.
MAY 29
May 30th 2012, Sea monster takes man toupee.
MAY 30
May 31st 2012,Pig kicks farmer in crotch.
MAY 31
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