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Hand over the milk. NOW!
In ancient times "Survival of the Fittest" also applied to babies.

The Month of May 2013

Cavemen babies
May 1
Cat joust.
May 2
Duck attacks Hong Kong harbor.
May 3
Bird directs attack.
May 6
Ladybug jumps gap.
May 7
Gov. Chris Christie secretly underwent a weight-loss surgery in February.
May 8
Sphinx asks strange riddle.
May 9
Baby gives Mom a special Mother's Day gift.
May 10
Centipede man
May 13
Benghazi haunts President Obama.
May 14
Spoiled brat wants pony.
May 15
Spoiled brat wants pony.
May 16
Obama's IRS Scandal
May 17
Horse rides man.
May 20
DOJ spies on the AP and Fox News.
May 21
Apple defends its tax practices.
May 22
Zombies are real.
May 23
Memorial Day
May 24
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