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"Are we carpooling this morning?"

The Month of February 2013

Cat hurts owner.
February 1
Ravens win Super Bowl XLVll
February 4
Horse warns man
February 5
Horse warns man
February 6
Man puts foot in mouth.
February 7
Coffee snorts sugar.
February 8
Man shovels in vain.
February 11
President Aberham Lincoln's Birthday.
February 12
Wednesday is humpday!
February 13
Cupid seeks target on Valentines Day.
February 14
Man sleeps on couch.
February 15
Man sleeps on couch.
February 18
Kid gets kicked out of school...
February 19
Tax and Spend win again!
February 20
The U.S. Postal Service plans to release a clothing and accessory line in 2014.
February 21
Magic pencil doesn't like Mondays.
February 25
Snowy owl lures rabbit.
February 26
Boogers enjoy morning coffee.
February 27
Boy pretends to be unicorn.
February 28
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